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League of Wannabes is an indie pixel art mobile game. At its core you'll find a fusion of innovative Rogue-like gameplay, sandbox worlds, and a high degree of freedom that bring gamers a diverse and immersive gaming experience. We have been developing League of Wannabes for over 2 years. We've spent a long time polishing the game, making it enjoyable and hilariously fun. 

With a spectrum of unexpected interactions. 

Wanna start a bar fight? Pick up a bottle and lob it at an unfortunate unsuspecting NPC in your local watering hole.

Need to get your name off of the bounty records? Bribe a nearby law enforcer or pay a fine.

Need some extra help to defeat a boss? Hire some muscle in the form of crooks, bounty hunters or even robots to help!

Feel a quest is to boring but it keeps getting shown on your quest log? Make the quest handler disappear, mysteriously.

With endless items, interactions and a huge amount of freedom, you can play the game any way you like.

1. A perfect combination of action rogue-like sandbox mechanics, experience every punch with real time fighting in our dynamic sandbox level.

2. High level of freedom, destroy, incinerate, start factional wars, explore mysterious places. Lead followers to conquer, liberate or plunder.

3. Nostalgic pixel graphics capture a dystopia submerged in chaos, segregated by a poisonous gas. Explore the last of human civilisation.

4. A sea of weapon and prop combination, progressive weapon growth, intelligent enemies, unpredictable environments and events, use anything to meet every challenge.

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